Underlying Connections

View of the exhibition Underlying Connections, Biblioteca FCT, Portugal


Underlying connections

a solo exhibition

Involuntary connections with visual images often tap into our emotions. Certain imagery or symbols can evoke strong emotional responses due to their associations with past experiences or cultural symbolism. These emotional associations are deeply ingrained and can shape our immediate reactions to visual stimuli without conscious effort. The exploration of sensual and sexual stimuli in images can reveal a myriad of underlying connections that exist within human perception, cultural contexts, and the depths of human psychology.

Common imagery can lead to different interpretations and associations by the viewer or can even trigger a collective response or identification.

Using historic iconography as a tool to comment on the contemporary can evoke feelings based on universal experience to the viewer and add depth to the observation itself. The symbolic meanings associated with certain objects or materials often inform the themes and messages. In this exhibition, the context of the artworks is given by contemporary and historic imagery and using both traditional techniques and contemporary technologies.

The act of transforming the materials of glass and ceramics into art pieces allows me to create a dialogue between the past and the present. By combining the old with the new, I seek to explore the continuity of human experiences and the ways in which our collective history informs our present-day realities. In essence, the use of material culture in my art practice allows me to delve into the intricate tapestry of human existence, connecting past and present, individual and collective.

Light boxes 2023, installation of seven light boxes,

multiple layers of glasses, laser printing on enamels, silver stains, led lights, wooden frames

32x42x6 cm each

The techniques used to make the light boxes combine traditional and contemporary techniques, technologies and imagery. The pictures on the glasses are either produced with laser engraving or by hand, creating an interesting result, since the image gives the sense of a vitro, but with the added qualities of the printing. In addition, the layers of the glasses are placed with gaps in between , which add depth to the image and create a slightly different view and qualities depending on the ankle of the viewer. The light travels differently from every viewpoint producing a dimensional picture.

Untitled 2023

Blown glass, mirrored glass with silver nitrate

20x30x5 cm

Sleeping rabbit 2023

Window glass, enamel with the grisaille, cardboard,metallic paint

35x30 cm

Connections 2023

installation of blown glass bubbles,painted with namels, silver staines, multiple firings and black porcelain coils

dimensions variable

Mine 2023

Glazed ceramic

35x35x35 cm