Power Relations

I am deeply fascinated by the objects, artifacts, and tangible elements that have shaped art history and carry stories of human experiences. The act of transforming traditional materials into art pieces allows me to create a dialogue between the past and the present. By combining the old with the new, I seek to explore the continuity of human experiences and the ways in which our collective history informs our present-day realities. Using older historic iconography as a tool to comment on the contemporary adds depth to the observation itself. The symbolic meanings associated with certain objects or materials often inform the themes and messages I wish to convey.


"an attempt by a person, group or organization to use power in a forceful and direct way to get or do something".

The cubes consist an oversized puzzle game of fragmented images, with references to historical iconography that express power relations. Images can be completed or interrelated , by create new connections when repositioning the cubes. The size and weight of the cubes makes the game difficult for an ordinary person. So do the power relations that govern the interiors and external mechanisms of our society are difficult to change.

Power Play 2022

Ceramic cubes, stonewere paper clay

43x43x43 cm each cube

Rabbit 2022

ceramic sculpture and velvet fiber


"But he was calm, like a hunter who is sure that he will catch his prey in the end, however confusing and trial”

Αrturo Perez-Reverte

Balance 2023

Diptych of glazed ceramics

installation 35x80 cm